Ivy League Graduate Tutors prepares students for all sections of the SAT Exam: Reading, Writing, Math, and the Essay.

We are fully educated on all of the upcoming changes for the release of the new SAT in March of 2016. Our curriculum and resources have been modified to optimally prepare students this coming year for both the old and new SAT exams.

The following tables courtesy of the College Board compare the major features and time requirements for the Current and Redesigned SAT Exams. 
Ivy League Graduate Tutors prepares students for all sections of the ACT Exam: English, Math, Reading, Writing, and the Essay. 

We offer diagnostic testing, proctored ACT exams to simulate the test-taking environment, and significantly help students increase from their baselines scores. We equip students with the strategies and content to succeed on the exam. Students prepare using actual released ACT exams.

A closer look at our focus in individual sections: 
The ACT English section involves a focus on grammar and usage, mechanics, style, language utilization, & analysis. We emphasize common grammatical errors and logical construction and organization of sentences and paragraphs in the English language.  

Our approach to the ACT Reading Comprehension section involves instructing students to focus on the content of the passages and refer directly back to the text to support their answer choices.

ACT Math section prep covers all core areas of Mathematics on the exam: Pre-Algeba, Algebra I/II, Geometry, & Trigonometry, including commonly tested formulas and concepts. 

The ACT Science section involves interpretation of information provided in graphs, tables, and descriptions pertaining to science experimental paradigms. 

Ivy League Graduate Tutors also teaches students the core concepts involved in writing a successful and well-developed ACT essay, emphasizing the need to support their answers with concrete examples and extensive practice using these skills.
Test prep students receive one-on-one individualized training for all sections of the SAT and ACT exams. We provide students with the opportunity to take mock diagnostic tests in a simulated timed testing environment. Upon completing diagnostic assessments, students are provided with comprehensive explanations and recommendations customized to their strengths and weaknesses. Alternatively, students may work from their baselines SAT and/or ACT scores to improve their performance on these exams. 

Your student's progress is continually monitored throughout the test preparation process. Students can take mock practice tests prior to test day and gauge their advancement with test prep via the completion of regular practice section assignments.        
Guidance on Selecting The Appropriate Exam: SAT vs. ACT 

Ivy League Graduate Tutors provides students with the opportunity to make an informed decision as to which exam better suits their learning style and abilities. We offer extensive insight via diagnostic testing, didactic instruction, and full-length practice exams to help your student decide which exam is the proper fit.

A common trend involves students preparing for and taking both exams and subsequently choosing to focus their energies on either exam based on their performance and level of comfort.


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"My son scored a 2220 on the SAT - 740 (Critical Reading), 760 (Math), 720 (Writing) - and a 34 on the ACT!   My daughter also prepared with Ivy League Graduate Tutors and scored a 2380 on the SAT!​"
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